Level Editor Update, out now!

The Level Editor is finally here!

Create and try other people Zombie Apocalypse!

To celebrate, you can enjoy a 70% discount on both Steam and GOG for a few days!



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Moonwalkers update, out now!

Moonwalkers extension is out for free!

To celebrate, you can enjoy a 50% discount on both Steam and GOG until the 22 of May and look at the update trailer!

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Gambitious Editor Week-end

February 3-5 is Gambitious editor week-end deal! If you still don’t have the game, you can enjoy a 40% discount on Zombie Night Terror, and even on the special edition!

The deal is available on Steam.

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Winter is coming!

December comes with some changes!


  • First, you can enjoy a 35% discount on Steam for their usual winter sales!
  • A first ‘rough’ version of the Level Editor is still planned before the end of the year (2016, YUP)
  • You can listen to a preview of the new incoming Chapter 5 ambiant music here! Chapter that will come for free early 2017.


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Autumn sale

From now to the 29 of november, Zombie Night Terror is 35% off on Steam!

With the incoming fifth chapter and Level Editor, that’s hell of a deal!

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Linux Version is live!

After few weeks of public Beta tests, we are releasing the Linux version of Zombie Night Terror! And for the occasion, enjoy a 15% sale for one week, spread the word!



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Zombie Night Terror is finally out!


Yup, the game is out on Steam, GoGHumble Store and Green Man Gaming with a 15% discount, for both PC and MAC!

And because a good news is never coming alone, here is an awesome Launch trailer made for this special occasion!

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Pre-order is open

Steam and GOG pre-orders are available with a 15% discount!

The game is still planned for the 20th of July. That’s only 2 weeks waiting!

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Release date

It’s official!

Zombie Night Terror will be released on the 20th of July on Steam, for both PC and Mac!


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Gambitious Partnership and New Trailer

Gambitious Digital Entertainment is now the official publisher for Zombie Night Terror, which means they are now handling press relations, for the game. Please direct all requests for keys, trailers, etc. to info@gambitious.com.

For more information about the game or Gambitious Digital Entertainement, please visit http://gambitious.com/games/zombie-night-terror

On this occasion, we are releasing a new awesome trailer full of unfresh meat.

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