Zombie Night Terror is finally out!


Yup, the game is out on Steam, GoGHumble Store and Green Man Gaming with a 15% discount, for both PC and MAC!

And because a good news is never coming alone, here is an awesome Launch trailer made for this special occasion!

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Pre-order is open

Steam and GOG pre-orders are available with a 15% discount!

The game is still planned for the 20th of July. That’s only 2 weeks waiting!

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Release date

It’s official!

Zombie Night Terror will be released on the 20th of July on Steam, for both PC and Mac!


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Gambitious Partnership and New Trailer

Gambitious Digital Entertainment is now the official publisher for Zombie Night Terror, which means they are now handling press relations, for the game. Please direct all requests for keys, trailers, etc. to .

For more information about the game or Gambitious Digital Entertainement, please visit https://gambitious.com/games/zombie-night-terror

On this occasion, we are releasing a new awesome trailer full of unfresh meat.

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PAX South 2016

Hello everyone!

Zombie Night Terror will be present at PAX South in San Antonio (Texas) from January 29 to January 31.

Jérôme and Jonathan will be there and Everyone will be able to try the game and raise the dead army!

Hope to see you there!

Blood everywhere

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Indie Game Contest 2015 results

We are proud to announce that Zombie Night Terror won its first prize!

Indie Game Contest 2015 Best Fantastic Game award!

And the Octopix award was delivered to the Greek fellows with Apocalypse Cow.

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Indie Game Contest 2015


Zombie Night Terror has been selected as one of the finalists of Indie Game Contest 2015 wich is part of Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival.

The game will be playable during the festival which will take place at Shadok in Strasbourg between 18 and 27 September.

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Still Alive

It’s been quite some times since the last news and we are not dead yet… I wish I could say the same about our zombies!

We have been nominated for 2015 SXSW GAMING AWARDS in the Gamer’s Voice category. They offered us a stand, one of us will be in Austin from March 13 to 15 to show a playable demo of the game and we hope some of you will be there to test it. For the occasion we put together a small in-game trailer:

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What are we up to?


It’s been quite some time since we wrote something here, we were aiming to publish news regularly but we failed on that part.

So, what have we been up to the past two months?

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Gameplay presentation – Mutations

When we are asked what our game is about, we simply put it as “Lemmings with zombies”… Thought that it’s not that simple. Sure, you do not control your zombies directly. Of course, they are stupid enough to walk straight in a pit without a second thought and you even give them orders in a similar way.

But contrary to Lemmings, you do not just take a brainless army of flesh eating monsters for a walk. You get out there, you slaughter some helpless humans along the way, and you bring chaos and desperation to the World!

On a less psychotic note, and while we do not hide our inspiration, we do not wish to make just a “Lemmings with zombies”. If it were true, we would have zombies taking parachute lessons, mining with pickaxes and building bridges. Not very inspired… Hence, the concept of mutation that fits more into the – expected – experience of a zombie outbreak. It’s a common knowledge, zombies are stupid and so mutations are the primary way to interact with the game. Without them your zombies do very little: they walk around, smash through doors and attack whatever taste like meat. Thus, using mutations will let you steer them in the right direction, allow them to withstand more damage, move faster, overtake obstacles and so on.

This first article will – you probably guessed – focus on mutations, how they are now, how they were before and what we are trying to accomplish with them. Continue reading

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